A word building game while the walls close in.

A unique Roll ‘n’ Write word game!

1 - 99 Players
(but arguably best at 1)

30~ Minutes

Ages 12+

What is Words ‘n’ Walls?

Scrabble meets QIX,
in a simple to learn but brain burning roll and write.

Roll 2 letter dice and 1 special die, then use at least one of the letters rolled to make a word on your board, and restrict your choices by using the special die for bonus points. But, be careful! Every die you use each turn creates a number of walls, blocking off areas and shrinking your board!

Claim special tiles with your words, get vowels in the right spot, make your words the right length, block off just enough spaces, and use every letter you possibly can to get maximum points.

Print & Playable

Words N Walls is playable by grabbing three D6 and printing two A4 pages. That’s it!

A handy print and play dice chart is available so anyone can play without the custom dice.

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