Build your fleet and fight for control of the Pixel Star!

2 - 4 Players

30~ Minutes

Ages 12+

(Prototype components shown)

What is Pixel Star?

Pixel Star is an easy to learn 2-4 player space skirmish game, with unique dice action selection and little pixel ships that can fit in your pocket and be played on any table.

Build your fleet of pixel ships, pop them out of their stat cards, roll all the action dice for the round, and take turns claiming dice to assign to your fleet. Keep an eye on all the actions available each round though, as you and all your opponents are taking from the same pool of dice!

Easy to teach and playable on any table, with the salt and pepper for asteroids if need be*, Pixel Star is the perfect skirmish game to throw in your pocket for the next game night or local tournament.

*Salt and Pepper not tournament legal.

Unique Dice Action Selection

Each turn you roll a combined pool of dice, and those are the actions available to both players that round.

Incredibly Portable

Designed to give players a full miniatures skirmish experience in a shorter playtime and easily transportable.

Fit a whole fleet in your pocket!

Infinitely Expandable

Multiple expansions already in development.

New Ships

New Game Modes

New Super Secret Space Tech

See it in action

Watch this 2 minute brief overview for a closer look at one of the earlier prototypes of the game

See it at PAX

Highlights from Pixel Star @PAX AUS

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