Welcome to Me-MO Island!

2 - 4 Players

30~ Minutes

Ages 6+

(Prototype components shown)

What is Me-Mo Island?

Clash with cute monsters on an adorable island and be the first to POP five of your opponents Me-MO!

On your turn, play one Me-MO from your hand onto the board facing any direction, then deal damage to all the opposing Me-MO it points to. Reduce a Me-MO to zero health and it POPS!

But watch out… when a Me-MO pops it will damage everything around it, including YOUR Me-MO and may even cause a chain reaction of popping Me-MO all over the board!

With monsters designed by kids and both a basic mode for the younger audience and an advanced mode for more strategic play, Me-MO Island is perfect for gamers of any age.

Creature designs by kids!

Every single Me-MO in the game is designed and named by a child under 10, then ported over to Me-MO Island by me, Mauii!

Great for kids and adults!

Designed with and for young people, by a designer that loves tight strategic games.

Basic Mode:
Perfect for young kids, with a focus on spatial awareness and math.

Advanced Mode:
For everyone! Adding unique strategic abilities to every Me-MO in the game.


Keep an eye on the board, because once you’ve popped a Me-MO, you might just cause a chain reaction that sweeps across the island!

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